The Black Dog



The Few: Part Two


Sparsile logofrom Sparsile Books

The Black Dog has arisen and hell is unleashed in London.

Nazi bombs have released something ancient from the holy ground around St Paul’s Cathedral. A revenant stalks the ley-lines, activating the ghosts of London.

Winston Churchill’s coven of young witches fight a losing battle to defend London against the Blitz. The survivors of Kestrel Squadron fly blind overhead, unable to find the bombers until the damage is already done.

But there is worse to come.

As the bombs fall, the young witches must undertake a journey through the land of London’s dead, back in time to one of the city’s worst atrocities, until they confront the most terrifying apparition of them all: Old Shock, the Newgate Horror – the Black Dog.




- The Black Dog: Myth and Magic

- The Black Dog: The Phantom Black Dog

- The Black Dog: Winston Churchill and the Black Dog

- The Black Dog: The London Blitz