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The Few

Cathy McSporran The Few cover largeFreya is coming, in rushing air and crackling light.  If she isn’t stopped, the world will burn.

 Maggie thinks she is an ordinary teenager.  But when she loses her father in the evacuation of France in the summer of 1940, she discovers within herself a devastating new power that could change the future of the war.

To defend the country in its hour of need, she must join a special group of wizards tasked with stopping the Gothi, a coven of German teenage necromancers led by the goddess Freya, hell-bent on crushing British resistance.

As the Battle of Britain rages, Maggie meets and falls in love with Polish Spitfire pilot Michal.  Will she be able to keep Michal safe?  Will she, her brother and their friends manage to fight the overwhelming occult forces of the Nazi witches channeling the power of the ancient Aryan goddess Freya?

Inspired by the remarkable true story of Churchill’s witches

The Few: Myth and Magic
The Few: Historical Characters
The Few: The Battle of Britain
The Few: Reviews

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Published by FREIGHT BOOKS

Edited by Rodge Glass
Rodge Glass